Sunday, June 10, 2001

William Nigh is perhaps the lowest primordial scum in America. Who's that? Who's who. Tim McVeigh's whimp of a lawyer. Well, McVeigh is set to die in, oh, umpteen hours. William Nigh will be the only one crying over the body of the cold-blooded killer. What's wrong with this guy. Nigh would probably defend Hitler if he got the chance. Hey Europe, you believe you are so advanced by abolishing the death penalty. I challenge Blair to come over and beg Georgie Bush to take McVeigh and send him over to England, the land of crooked teeth and haggus. Just wait until he blows up London Bridge because he doesn't like the 'government conspiracy' of driving on the left side of the road. Get off our backs, Euros. Here's an idea: tomorrow chuck some pies, vegetables, to(MAT)oes, or whatever you want at Bush when he comes to visit your country. I will laugh. Just don't touch the McVeigh issue, we have 168 reasons to kill this guy.